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LexiShield Lacrosse Goalie Story

When rec league lacrosse coach, Hervie Lamb, found out his all-state high school goalie had suffered 3 concussions to her forehead, he came up with an easy to install retrofit goalie shield that is now available for standard Lacrosse Helmet models. Play the video to watch the whole story!

Impact Tested

Testing was done at H. P. White Laboratory, Inc., a NOCSAE certified testing site, in April of 2016.
The report’s conclusion states in part:
“When impacted with a lacrosse ball on position 19 at 80 mph, the helmet with the shield performed 65% better.”

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Since April 2016, LexiShields have been distributed to goalies in 37 states, 2 Canadian provinces, and Spain
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

British Columbia

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easy to install, all weather foam-backed poly shield that reduces ball impact to the forehead

Step 1:
Remove center face mask screw from the helmet.

Step 2:
For a Cascade R or similar helmet: Use the longer screw in the upper screw hole and align with the face mask screw hole.

Step 3:
For a Cascade Youth or similar helmet: Use the shorter screw in the lower screw hole and align with the face mask screw hole.

Step 4:
Tighten the screw until the shield is snug against the helmet.

Attention: We have changed the angle of the screw hole to accommodate newer helmet models. If you have difficulty attaching your shield, please let us know what helmet make and model you have at lexishieldsafe@gmail.com and we will do our best to provide a shield that fits.




“Good morning! We ordered and received our shield about two months ago. My son loves his shield.  In fact, the first time he wore it was during a showcase tournament in Dallas.  An attacker, eager to impress a recruiter, made two full rips on my son from the crease line.  While I can’t estimate his shot speed because he was so close to the goal I can tell you that his previous shots were easily 80 mph and I suspect these two rips were close to that.  My son had zero time to react to either rip and took both shots right on the shield.  He later came off the field telling me; “I am so glad I /we put this shield on.  Those shots would have really hurt up close like that but I barely felt them with this thing.”  He has been dropped to his knees before with a shot to the helmet so I think he’s qualified to know how much they can hurt. Anyway, thank you very much for making this product as it has already done some good work. I hope you have a great weekend!”

“Both my daughters are Goalies and noted a difference in hits to the LexiShield vs when it was not on their helmets. My oldest is now admitting I was right in getting her the LexiShield after suffering a concussion.”

“ALL lax kids should have helmets and wear this”

“Do you guys have a Canadian distributor, I am the goalie director for an elite program in Canada called Evolve, concussions ended my NLL days as well as my fil competition. Therefore I take concussion protocol serious with my goaltenders, if you do I would [be] interested in checking it out, and implementing it into my program.”

Current LexiShield Customer


“I first learned of the Lexi Shield at a Lacrosse Event in Columbus Ohio last year. I picked up the tri-fold flyer and kept it. My daughter has had a stick in her hand since she was 3 years old. She started playing goalie in 3rd grade and loves it. She is now a 5th grader and in that short amount of time, I’ve seen shots on goal become faster and hit harder at times. She has taken a couple of helmet shots to appreciate something, like the Lexi Shield, that will make her feel more secure when in goal. For any parent with a LAX Goalie in the crease, the Lexi Shield is a small price to pay for preventing a concussion. Thank you!”

“FYI – in my son’s first practice after installing LexiShield, he took two hard shots right off of it. Not glancing blows, but solid hits. And I am happy to report that LexiShield did its job and kept him safe. Thanks for making this product a reality.”

“Rob Harris, Head Coach for Women’s Lacrosse at Davenport University, and I agreed to purchase two sets of LexiShields…Both of our goalies suffered concussions last season and we want to be proactive with them during the upcoming spring season…Goalies LOVE the LexiShield and said they will use for practice/scrimmage!”

From Rom Elwell at https://www.gsquadlax.com/

“Our daughter got a concussion last year from a hit on the forehead, playing goal with a Cascade R helmet. We bought her a LexiShield to attach to a Cascade R and this year at practice, she was hit in the head again, with a shot that cracked the LexiShield wide open but left our daughter unscathed. If one of the helmet companies made a goalie helmet with comparable forehead protection built in, we would be first in line to buy one. In the meantime, her LexiShield is filling the bill.”

Susan and Lynne Thorman

AMAZON Reviews

“After initially being introduced to this innovative equipment in late 2016, I now have goalies at both the collegiate and high school levels who wear a LexiShield during every practice and/or scrimmage. The simple yet sublime design allows for the unit to be attached/detached from a goalie’s helmet in 60 seconds or less. The weight of the equipment is negligible and does not impede the goalie’s performance in any way during practices/scrimmages. I highly recommend this product to every goalie that has previously suffered a concussion, or to any coach/trainer that wants to provide additional protection to a goalie during OTAs.”

By Rom Elwell on January 3, 2017

The shield was easy to install and seems to be high quality.
Have not tested during play yet – will update”

Amazon Customer on August 4, 2016


“My son took 3 shots off his shield the first time using it. You wouldn’t ride a bike without a helmet these days. Why would you not wear a LexiShield.”

By Joel R. Rose on April 24, 2017

“They are somewhat trying to attach but once on they fit well on the cascade r helmet. Not sure about the since backing it up but logically it make sence. My doughter (varsity goalie) has taken a few balls to the dome and no concussions to date. We purchased several for the lax club and have affixed one to each of our goalie helmets. We have not had any issues with the refs”

By Ed on April 7, 2019


About Us

Our mission is to make LexiShields available to every lacrosse goalie on the planet before the next head injury from forehead ball impact.

LexiShield is an easy to install retrofit shield that is now available for standard Lacrosse Helmet models. Tests show a 65% impact reduction over a standard helmet.


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Though LexiShields are fully legal for practice and/or unofficial scrimmage games, US Lacrosse maintains that they are not permissible for official US Lacrosse play. We have only heard from a few customers who have encountered game referees who require removing a goalie’s LexiShield. We have sold more shields each of the 3 and a half years they have been on the market. Our intention is to continue supplying LexiShields to enough goalies to convince US Lacrosse and NOCSAE to permit their use.
For additional information please reference our LexiShieldSafe FAQ document.